R. Paul Nobrega

Ph.D. in Biophysics/Biochemistry

Objective: Seeking a position within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry that will offer an opportunity to use my diverse skill set and strong biophysical background to produce leading therapeutic research and development.


University of Massachusetts Medical School

Ph.D. Biophysics/Biochemistry

2008 - 2014

University of Massachusetts at Lowell

B.S. Biology/Biotechnology

2004 - 2008

Industry Experience

Wyeth Biopharma - Andover Campus

Formulations Intern


Used FT-IR spectroscopy to develop an exploratory method to rapidly survey the conformational stability of proteins in liquid formulations.

Research Experience

Laboratory of C. Robert Matthews
- UMass Medical School

Graduate Student

2008 - 2014

Worked independently on several projects with the principal interest of better understanding early folding events in the flavodoxin fold protein , CheY. Completely developed the on-line digest hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spec setup at the Proteomics core facility at UMass Medical. Worked with Dr. Bilsel and Dr. Kathuria on the complete development the CF-SAXS system at the BIOCAT beamline at APS, including authoring SAXS analysis software. I have also established and participated in collaborations with the Pande lab at Stanford, and the Brooks Lab at Michigan.

Laboratory of Michael V. Graves
- UMass Lowell

Research Assistant

2007 - 2008

Cloned A429L, A241R and A039L PBCV-1 genes into expression vectors and established protein purification schemes.

Laboratory of Brian Bettencourt
- UMass Lowell


2005 - 2006

Working with Drosophila Melanogaster, investigated the expansion of poly-glutamine tracts resulting from thermal stress using observations of phenotypic effects correlated with DNA sequence data.



Expert ability:
Thermodynamic and kinetic biophysical protein characterization, CD and fluorescence spectroscopy, denaturant and thermal protein melts , SAXS experiments, HXMS, stopped-flow and continuous flow kinetic experiments, FRET experiments, protein purification, data analysis.

Intermediate ability:
DSC, FT-IR, DNA sequencing, MALDI mass spec, small molecule NMR.


Expert ability:
Interfacing with hardware using DACs, Trouble shooting and resolving issues with equipment.

Intermediate ability:
Microfluidic mixer design, software development.


Intermediate level abilities with C++, C#, and Python.

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